Two Israels

Israel and America: Modern legacies of the ancient Hebrew Republic

Why the Two Israels Project?

The Two Israels Project provides a forum for discussing how Israel and the United States, the two modern legacies of the Hebrew Republic – formed with similar values and influences – can compare notes. We contrast, compare, and share governance-related philosophies, methodologies, and experiences.

The models of free society presented by The Two Israels face challenges – and threats – from both the outside and the inside. From within, there are the debates about how government is formed and how it functions.

From without, free societies are threatened, sometimes existentially, by tyrannies which oppose the values presented by free societies, such as individual sovereignty, prosperity, and morality.

Free societies also deal with internal, dissenting¬†ideologues who promote “transformation,” sometimes through revolution, to impose centralized, authoritarian order, constraining basic freedoms and rights to serve ideological purposes.

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