Two Israels

Israel and America: Modern legacies of the ancient Hebrew Republic

What the Two Israels Project is NOT:

The Two Israels Project DOES NOT promote or support any kind of “replacement theology.” It does not question the specification of the Jewish People as the descendants of the biblical Hebrew nation and the related protagonists of prophecy as stated in the Torah.

While we would generally state that Israel and the United States are natural allies – and kindred national movements, the Two Israels Project DOES NOT propose that the United States should be some kind of replacement or extension of the land or State of Israel NOR vice-versa.

The Two Israels Project IS NOT a theological argument. While biblical concepts of justice, charity,  individual rights, and governance might be cited from scripture, this IS NOT a discussion about divine origin. While the project might discuss natural law, it does not discuss the nature of God. While the project might discuss morality, values, and human motivation, it IS NOT a discussion on spiritual salvation, messianism, or the afterlife. The “Two Israels” is a comparative study of governance based on the historic concept of The Hebrew Republic in political philosophy.

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